FreshClean can promise to those who choose this service that every part of the property in question will be cleaned to high standard. RESIDENTIAL Cleaning
FreshClean with more then 100.000 cleaning hours, provides customized residential and business cleaning services throughout Dublin and surrounding area.
  • Office Cleaning Services

    Maintaining a clean work environment helps you to present your business in a professional manner, and it also ensures the health and safety of your employees and customers. Our team helps to maintain the property by taking care of cleaning tasks in all parts of the business. We can tailor a package to the specific needs of your business, and we also work with an array of spaces. Whether you are the owner of a large corporate building or of a small retail shop in town, our team of cleaning experts is here to help you.

    Office services that we provide:
    Scheduling cleaning to your needs
    Baseboard Cleaning
    Carpet vakuuming
    Removing cobweb
    Surface Cleaning
    Trash Removal
    Continuous cleaning, freshening and restocking of washroom paper products
    Scheduled cleaning of entrance and public areas to maintain appearance

    The level of cleaning we provide not only provides a safe and attractive workplace, but provides a healthier environment for your staff and visitors. Maintaining a high level of cleanliness also extends the lifetime of your floors and furniture, reducing long-term costs for your company or organization.

  • Special Event Cleaning Services

    Special events deserve special preparation. Whether it is a party, sports tournament, concert or convention, you want your organization to look good, and that means a clean, presentable venue. After all your planning and preparation, the last thing you want is to have a less-than-spotless venue to distract your guests from the big event.
    FreshClean’s special event cleaning services can help ensure this isn’t a concern.

    Our special event cleaning staff will meet with you to inspect your venue and discuss your cleaning requirements before, during and after the event.

    Our special events services include:
    Cleaning and preparing the floors (vacuuming and moping) of the event area
    Detailed cleaning and dusting of all surfaces
    Touch point cleaning to maintain a healthy environment
    Cleaning and disinfecting of food preparation and serving areas, if required
    Cleaning of entryways and common areas
    Cleaning and refreshing of washrooms
    After event clean-up, including disposal of all trash and recycling into appropriate containers, cleaning floors, chairs, tables, common areas, washrooms, and touch point surfaces

  • Post/Pre Tenancy Cleaning Services

    FreshClean has committed teams of qualified and skilled cleaning agents ready to perform end of tenancy cleanings. Our cleaners are experts in cleaning properties that are at the end of tenancy and bringing them back to clean condition for whatever future purposes.

    FreshClean understands that our clients and landlords will have witnessed homes left in a variety of circumstances in their time and it is no surprise that in spite of a tenant’s best labors, the state of a home may not always be up to the typical standards a potential tenant would look forward to. This is why at FreshClean we believe a clean home will be more eye-catching to possible new tenants allowing our clients to be able to rent their homes at a premium as well as providing a quality living space that any tenant will appreciate and admire.

    FreshClean can promise to those who choose this service that every part of the property in question will be cleaned to high standard.

    Our services include:

    -We will clean the insides and outsides of every empty cupboard and drawers.
    -We will clean all wall tiles.
    -We will wash down all work surfaces leaving them immaculate and ready to work on.
    -All doors to be cleaned. Every Door handle to be cleaned and disinfected
    -We will clean the washing machine outside.
    -We will make sure the shower is de-scaled, cleaned and disinfected.
    -All of the baths, bath taps, fittings to be cleaned and disinfected.
    -The Toilet will be cleaned and disinfected. Seat to be cleaned and disinfected.
    -All the mirrors will be cleaned.
    -We will clean the inside and outside of the oven, removing any developing grease as well as cleaning all outside chrome/kitchen appliances, such as kettles, toasters and microwaves, inside and out.
    -Every floor is to be vacuumed and washed. All carpets will be vacuum cleaned.
    -We will vacuum under all furniture if accessible.
    -We promise to clean the sinks and taps and remove any lime scale present.
    -We can clean all fridges and freezers, as well as food deposits
    -All floors will be washed.
    -All glass to be cleaned.
    -All Windows to be cleaned from the inside.
    -We will clean any dishwasher outside.
    -All woodwork to be dusted and cleaned.
    -All bedroom storage units will be cleaned inside and out.
    -And anything else that needs cleaning!

  • Testimonials
    • After having very disappointing experiences with cleaners from a couple of different companies I decided to give it one last shot and gave FreshClean a go. Right from the first…
      Michael – Ballsbridge
    • FreshClean is a fantastic service. All the staff, from the office to the cleaners, are friendly and professional. The cleaners are punctual and do an awesome job. I highly recommend…
      Nicole – Rathmines
    • My cleaning team is fantastic! Not only are they punctual and friendly, they do a great job and I love coming home to a clean house. They are so lovely…
      Kirsty – Edenmore
    • Desperately contacted FreshClean in a last minute vacant/clean. They had a cleaner round within two hours. The cleaners were polite and courteous and they did a simply amazing job down…
      Richard – Finglas
    • I'm really impressed with FreshClean. They are efficient and helpful in organizing (and re-organizing!) the clean, and our cleaners do a fabulous job. And they're friendly and punctual too!
      Sarah – Ballymun
    • The assigned cleaner team did a fantastic job today; I was delighted to come back to a very clean house. It’s refreshing to be able to not be home and…
      Luke – IFSC
    • Prompt, courteous and on time cleans, and always exceptional results. It is fabulous coming home to a clean apartment. Easy to book, easy to add extra services, easy to reschedule.…
      Jessica – Coolock
    • FreshClean is a great service. They are through, professional, and communicate well. The service is always great, and I am grateful for their help, and professionalism. Wonderful Job.
      Joana – Raheny
    • Got into all those awkward areas to clean and dust that have been missed by other cleaners in the past. 100%! And I'm fussy when it comes to cleaning.
      Anne – Sandyford
    • Very happy with the service and certainly will be looking to use again, certainly far exceeded my expectations and did a fantastic job :)
      Siobhan – Beaumont